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Yoga Life Coaching

Yoga Life Coaching can initiate change that helps you live the life you want. It is different from traditional life coaching in that we will not necessarily be setting goals, but just having a purposeful, powerful conversation. From this conversation, you may make realizations that could initiate change, but it's through your own self discovery, with me helping along the way. The only promise  I make is that we're going to have a purposeful conversation.

When was the last time you had a conversation that motivated you to develop your perfect life?

As a yoga life coach, I am trained to help you see past limiting thoughts or bad habits, to the driving energy underneath, allowing you to see things more clearly and make choices that will move you forward.

Our coaching relationship begins with a complimentary session where we can learn more about each other. Coaching sessions most commonly are completed over the telephone, but face-to-face or Skype options are available at your discretion. If you choose to continue, we will set up regular sessions at intervals most convenient for you until coaching is complete.

During each 30 minute coaching session, I will guide you through self discovery to help you create forward momentum in your life. If you feel stuck or wish for more in your life but don't know where to begin, start with a complimentary coaching session and see what happens. You would be amazed at what one purposeful, powerful conversation can reveal, motivating you to take immediate action and charge of your life.

Cost: $100 per session after complimentary session

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