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Below are some of the workshops series offered throughout the year. Please check our upcoming events to learn what is being offered and when. Class sizes are limited and if interested in participating in a workshop or have any questions, please contact Stephanie today!

Meditation with Tools

Learn to incorporate tools into your meditation practice. Basic concepts of meditation will be discussed and each week, we will explore a different tool you can use to deepen your practice. Incorporating tools into your practice can propel you deeper, help you move past emotional barriers, foster personal growth and fulfill intentions. Ideal for beginner and experienced practitioners!

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop

Develop an understanding of what meditation is, its benefits, and how to meditate over the next 6 weeks. Each week we will explore a different meditation technique providing you with enough knowledge to build a foundation to confidently develop your own meditation practice. Daily practice at home between sessions is strongly encouraged. Recording of each guided meditations will be provided to facilitate an at home practice.