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Tinnitus Consultation

Over 50 million Americans experience tinnitus to some degree, and of those, 1 in 5 report their tinnitus as disabling. Unfortunately, many providers have limited experience with tinnitus, have the incorrect understanding that nothing can be done, or do not have the patience to develop the necessary individualized plan. Many people with disturbing tinnitus are unnecessarily left without a plan and without hope. Let me tell you, there is hope and a plan can be created to help you manage your symptoms.

If your tinnitus is distressing, you can recover your quality of life by gradually reducing or eliminating the ways tinnitus negatively affects you. Tinnitus cannot be cured, but relief can be obtained by changing the body and mind's reaction to it.

As an audiologist who specializes in tinnitus, I have a clear understanding of the mechanisms of tinnitus along with the benefits and limitations of available treatment options. During this consultation appointment, we will discuss your tinnitus, your hearing, and your emotional responses to it. We will discuss the pros and cons of different tinnitus treatments with the intention of developing an individualized treatment plan. No two tinnitus patients are alike, as such, there is no one treatment that will work for everyone; an individualized plan is necessary.

Treatment options that will be discussed include: amplification, sound therapy, medication, psychotherapy, and mindfulness/meditation. A multidisciplinary approach is strongly encouraged and necessary referrals will be recommended. This consultation is designed to provide you with information and a plan, and any recommendations or referrals that I make can be followed through with the providers of your choosing; in no way do my recommendations require you to continue care with me or any offices I may be affiliated with. This consultation can be completed in person or over Skype at your convenience.

Cost: $150

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Dr. Stephanie Gutzmer, Au.D., F-AAA

Stephanie is an Illinois licensed audiologist who specializes in tinnitus. She completed her undergraduate degree at University of Illinois in 2010 and completed her doctorate at Northern Illinois University in 2014.