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Custom Tailored Malas

Green jasper mala necklace
Green jasper mala necklace

Mala necklaces are strands of 108 beads with a guru bead at the bottom and are used during mediation or mantra recitation to keep track of recitations as you move along the mala; very similar to the rosary. The guru bead is used to signal the end of one rotation and to take a moment to give gratitude to teachers and the most important people in your life. The mantra and mala chosen to meditate with is a very personal choice, normally picked to promote personal change or stillness. Malas also can be worn throughout the day as a reminder of the intention you are trying to manifest.

Malas are made of any combination of stones, crystals, sandalwood or rudraksha seeds. Depending on the combination of materials, each mala contains a certain energy that can be used to intensify the mantra or to increase calmness, balance, patience, energy levels and positive energy.

Finding a mala that works for you can often be difficult as there are so many to choose from or you cannot find specific combination of desired materials. At From Within, malas can be ordered based on a certain intention you would like to foster, to promote particular change in your life, or promote healing. Mala necklaces can be created for every intention, there is no limit to the possibilities!

Custom mala made of amethyst and sandalwood.

Mala necklace pricing begins at $45, but will vary on the combination of desired materials. Begin the discussion today and receive a quote for your custom mala.